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Audit Identified Over-Billings

  Excessive electrical labor and materials, production line expansion $4,085,000
  Unsupported billings for cost-plus work, manufacturing equipment modifications $768,000
  Renegotiated lump-sum amount, re-start of idled facility $500,000
  Excessive liability (CCIP) insurance billings, hospital expansion $983,000
  General contractor billings of subcontract work at two hospital companion projects $3,159,765
  Unsupported concrete & masonry billings, nursing home expansion $121,291
  Excessive labor burden mark-ups and subcontractor over-billings, hospital refurbish $209,565
  General contractor billings of subcontract work, medical office building & parking deck $1,749,486
  Excessive labor burdens, subcontractor and change order over-billings, metro hospital $2,866,667
  General contractor billings of subcontract work and labor burdens, medical office building and parking deck $3,362,133
  Excessive labor burdens and change order billings, hospital tower expansion $812,377
  Unsupported general conditions, hospital emergency department expansion $187,418


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